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Down Memory Lane

The VIEW asked some of the college's old-timers to reflect on their memories of the place, the people and the activities as FMU looks back on 45 years

“A” is for Watkins

Darlington Mayor lays claim to being the first graduate of FMC

A Special Place

FMU's Deloris Miller says the faculty, staff and students quickly caught the spirit of the place

Professor, (assistant) provost, chairman, chief…

Dr. John Hester’s 35-year career at FMU included many jobs and one enduring mission: using education to improve the lives of young men and women who reminded him of … well, himself.

A Bird? A Plane? No, it’s a SUPER Computer

New 'Patriot Cluster' gives students, faculty a taste of computing power usually only found at large research universities

Goodbye to all that

Which in the case of the multi-faceted Dr. Peter Whelan, is saying quite a lot

An Electric Career

Rob Ardis is the CEO at Santee Electric Cooperative. His rapid rise in the world of energy started with a brilliant undergraduate career at FMU

Parliamentary Procedures

Interest in European Union Parliament sparks new book, new course for Daniel

A Season to Remember

Rubino (almost) re-writes the record book during spectacular season

Academia Summer 2015

New MBA degree focus is in healthcare admin Francis Marion University’s School of Business is collaborating with the university’s Department of Nursing to add a...