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Horn of Plenty

Dr. Terry Roberts can play the alphorn 'til the cows come home

Rajagopalan Keeping it Collegial

FMU's new Dean of the School of Business hoping for smooth transition

A Man with a Knack

Rich Chapman wasn’t a born administrator but he was a very good one

Masters at Work

Francis Marion University’s cadre of artist-professors straddle two worlds in a never-ending balancing act

Kyer finds a good fit at a small-town college

Kyer named a 2015-16 Trustee Research Scholar

Wittmann-Price’s research model travels the globe

Wittmann-Price named a 2015-16 Trustee Research Scholar

Professor, (assistant) provost, chairman, chief…

Dr. John Hester’s 35-year career at FMU included many jobs and one enduring mission: using education to improve the lives of young men and women who reminded him of … well, himself.

Goodbye to all that

Which in the case of the multi-faceted Dr. Peter Whelan, is saying quite a lot

Parliamentary Procedures

Interest in European Union Parliament sparks new book, new course for Daniel

A (Reluctant) Son of Ireland

His dad wanted to be an American, but Chris Kennedy couldn't ignore his roots