Francis Marion welcomes 25 new faculty members

Francis Marion University welcomed 25 new faculty members to campus as the 2017-2018 academic year began in August.

The large class includes some of first faculty members in the University’s Speech Pathology program as well as the University’s first archaeologist.

The new faculty members will teach in 10 different departments and come from a wide array of academic backgrounds. A list of the University’s new faculty is below.

School of Business

Dr. Carla Nietfeld, assistant professor of economics.

Mr. Steve Rubin, assistant professor of computer science.

School of Health Sciences

Ms. Traci Coward, assistant professor of Physician Studies.

Ms. Wendy Hatchell, instructor of Nursing.

Mr. David James, assistant professor of Physician Studies.

Dr. Sarah Kershner, director of Health Care Administration program, assistant professor of Public Health.

Ms. April Martin, assistant professor of Physician Assistant Studies.

Dr. Allison Munn, assistant professor of Nursing.

Dr. Chico Umeweni, instructor of Nursing.

Dr. Freda Wilson-Campbell, director of the Speech Pathology Program.

Department of Chemistry

Mr. Ernest Jenkins, instructor of Chemistry.

Department of English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy

Dr. Lindsey Banister, assistant professor of English and assistant director of the Writing Center.

Dr. Landon Houle, assistant professor of English.

Department of Fine Arts

Mr. Jared Cole, assistant professor of Theatre Arts.

Dr. Fran Coleman, assistant professor of Music Industry.

Department of History

Dr. Christopher Barton, assistant professor of Archaeology.

Dr. Erica Johnson, assistant professor of History.

Department of Mass Communication

Dr. Stan Diel, assistant professor of Mass Communication.

Department of Mathematics

Dr. Kevin LoPresto, assistant professor of Mathematics Education.

Mr. J. Lee Phillips, instructor of Mathematics.

Dr. Daniel Brauss, assistant professor of Mathematics.

Dr. Minerva Brauss, instructor of Mathematics.

Department of Political Science

Dr. Jennifer Titanski-Hooper, assistant professor of Geography.

Department of Psychology

Dr. Susan Astary, assistant professor of Psychology.

Dr. Megan Haggard, assistant professor of Psychology.


Tenure and Promotions

Francis Marion University announced the awarding of tenure and the promotion of faculty at the start of the 2017-18 academic year.

Dr. Erik Lowery, associate dean of the School of Education; Dr. William Bolt, associate professor of History; Dr. Julian Buck, associate professor of Mathematics; Dr. Jeanne Gunther, associate professor of Education; Ms. Julia Mixon, associate professor of Art; and Dr. Regina Yanson, associate professor of Management all were awarded tenure.

Dr. M. Annie Muller, assistant professor of Nursing; Dr. Bolt; Dr. Buck; Dr. Gunther; Dr. Teresa Herzog, professor of Psychology; Dr. Jennifer Kelley, Professor of Chemistry; Ms. Mixon; Dr. Ronald Murphy, professor of Psychology; Dr. Matthew Nelson, professor of English; Dr. Hari Rajagopalan, dean of the School of Business and professor of Business; and Dr.Yanson  all received promotions to the rank noted.



Professor D. Keith Best, Chair of the Francis Marion University Department of Fine Arts and Professor of Fine Arts, was named FMU’s J. Lorin Mason Distinguished Professor for the 2017-18 academic year at the school’s annual faculty awards dinner.

Dr. T. Alissa Warters, associate provost and professor of Political Science, was awarded a prestigious American Council on Education fellowship for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Tucker Mitchell has been promoted to Vice President of Communications for the university.

Dr. Rebecca Flannagan, chair of the faculty senate since 2012, is the new chair of FMU’s Department of English.

Professor Glen Gourley, director of the university theatre and member of the Fine Arts faculty, is the new  chair of the faculty senate.

Dr. Chris Johnson, formerly chair of the Department of English, is the new director of FMU’s McNair Center.

Dr. Tracy Meetze-Holcombe is the School of Education’s new dean, following  the retirement of Dr. Shirley Bausmith last summer.

Dr. Derek Jokisch, professor of Physics and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy,, was recently named a member of the U.S. DOE’s Scientific Review Group for the Russian Health Studies Program.

FMU has honored long-time university friend and advocate of the downtrodden, the late Fred Sheheen, by naming the FMU Non-Profit Leadership Institute (NPLI) in Sheheen’s honor.